Setback: The Struggle

I have been on this journey for about a month and half now and thus far I have not seen any results. Although I have been more concience about my eating habits and have been working on increasing my workout routines, I have not been able to keep up with my goals and have found it harder now to stay on track. I though my determination will help me make better choices but I am finding out that simply stating that I want to loose weight is just not going to be enough. This past couple of weeks in particular, I fell back to doing what I feel comfortable doing and that is simply eating what I want and when I want it. This past coupe of weeks I also have not kept a consistent workout schedule so the progress I felt I made the first couple of weeks seem to not matter. I wanted to share this because although I want this to be a positive experience I think its important to also share the struggles. I am about week six into this journey and as of 11/24 I have gained 4.8 lb. (2.17 kg). My weight today stands at 221.6 lb (100.5 kg) up from 216.8 lb (98.3 kg) on October 15th. Looking at these numbers is discouraging but I have to come to terms that that is the reality. Its a reminder that I have to do more and work harder and remind my self that I’m  not running a sprint but more like a marathon. I anticipated setbacks and I am seeing them now and as discouraging as this is, I have to keep on working at this. I have to set my mind to my ultimate goal which is to be more healthy. I know this wont happen in a week or two so we just have to keep going. To the reader: Don’t let setbacks discourage you from your goal. Keep on working at it. We’ll get there. With that in mind I though it would be good to finish this post with an encouraging thought.

“The reason I exercise is for the quality of life I enjoy” Kenneth H. Cooper M.D.

A couple of weeks I talked about the struggle to change and set some goals for myself which I am still determined to keep. I will continue to document my progress and hopefully share some results at my 2 month mark in a couple of weeks.

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