Fitness Journey: The Beginning

My name is Siquem Bustillos and today is my 29th birthday. This week I decided to embark on a 1 year project to try to get as fit as possible by my 30th birthday on October 12th 2018, one year from today. By definition of “fit” I want to document a year long process of what getting “fit” is all about. I have tried many times to loose a few pounds and tried to be more active but I don’t believe I have ever aimed to be “fit”. Although loosing a few pounds will be nice to see and will definitely be a byproduct of this journey, my ultimate goal is to try to create a healthy balance between my weight, eating habits, exercise and also a healthy balance between family and work. I am no expert in nutrition or fitness and have very little knowledge about food consumption aside from the fact that most diets are based on a “2,000 Calorie Intake” as stated on every food product out there. I am not set on a specific diet plan or on any specific exercise either so am looking forward to incorporating new ideas and learning from other people as I go along this project. This site is designed to be the platform to document this year long journey through posts, videos, pictures, learning processes and I look forward to hearing other stories about other people’s journey as well. This project is developing so there may not be a specific layout or format and may change as the year goes on. I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I will enjoy posting them and feel free to share your experiences by commenting below. With that in mind,  I look forward to learning everything I possibly can and I hope this site inspires other people like me who are also trying to achieve a similar goal.

Note to the Reader:

Please know that this site is not intended to promote or sponsor any product, company or organization. Any mention of a company or product is simply a resource to help me in this project and by no means am I getting paid to mention them or their affiliates.

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