A Glimpse of Tommorrow

So I been thinking the past few days how I want these posts to flow and decided I want to start by talking about why I decided to do this in the first place. Like I mentioned in the last post, I have always tried to stay active and lose a few pounds, but never really aimed to be “fit”. I have always been on the “slight obese” side of the scale and according to my doctor he recommended I shed some pounds and be more physically active to ensure I stay within my BMI range. I totally agree with my doctor, but the reality is, the past 5 years I have put that to the side and instead directed my priority to my work and my family. My problem hasn’t been work and family per say but the lack of balance in my life to prioritize my health. Last September, my amazing wife gave birth to our first child which has been one of the greatest moments in my life. This first year has been amazing and little by little I realize that this little baby is growing and each week he keeps getting more active. Our baby just turned one and this past year is when I realized that if I wanted to keep up with this kid, I needed to change something. I can’t be too hard on myself though, both my wife and I have full time jobs and it is already hard enough to make time for ourselves. This has been my thought process for a while but the reality is my health has taken the back seat and that is something I want to change. So this is basically why I wanted to do this project. I felt having a birthday resolution would be both encouraging and motivating and wanted my goals to be realistic. Being that I just turned 29 and it is my last year in my twenties I wanted to go out with a “BANG” and here we are. I look forward to sharing this experience and motivating others to take on those goals they may have put on their back seat. As mentioned before, this site will be the platform to share my progress but at the same time a bridge to other resources that may be working for me and a way to share experiences from others to encourage and motivate.

To be able to document my progress through out this year I will start by posting current pictures, my current weight and BMI readings. To keep a consistent and accurate log I will be using the FitBit Aria scale throughout the year to track both my weight and BMI.

October 15, 2017: Weight: 216.8 lb (98.3 kg) BMI 30.1%

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